John Heerman

Developer | Consultant | Liberator

Peoria, IL USA, Planet Earth

Husband, Daddy, Developer, Consultant, Coach, Open-Source Advocate

John has been developing enterprise-class software for the past 18 years to help businesses solve problems and improve efficiency. John provides a unique perspective across a wide variety of industries and is currently focused on helping customers build an effective development strategy utilizing agile engineering practices and microservice architecture.

John has senior-level experience on a diverse list of projects including: line-of-business apps, portals, serious games, mobile apps, web apps, e-commerce sites, and system integrations.

Full-Stack development experience utilizing modular/microservice architecture, agile engineering practices, clean coding and testing standards, and continuous delivery. Focused on emerging technology solutions. Demonstrated flexibility to adjust to new challenges across the stack. Founder and bootstrapper of Odessian LLC.


Developed applications for submitting and reviewing loan applications for the largest agricultural lender in Illinois.


Django/Python developer for a US-based Sweepstakes/Gaming site.


Designed and developed a web-based admissions and financial services application for a nursing college. Django/Python application fronted by a responsive UI to manage students, courses, financial aid, and billing


Developed Satchmobile, a native, cross-platform, mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Written in Xamarin and Django/Python, Satchmobile is a mobile companion to Satchmo, an open-sourced web storefront.


Designed and implemented a serious game for a post-frame construction company. Windows desktop application developed using .Net, DirectX API, and MS SQL Server. Render models in a 3D world, generate quotes and contracts, and synchronize data between the corporate office and sales reps in the field.

Project lead on the design and implementation of a custom 3D modeling application using Delcam's CAD/CAM software API, .Net framework, and Mastercam CNC toolpaths. Objective was to scan a physical shape, generate a point cloud, and map to an existing library of CNC toolpaths to eliminate sizing and cutting errors from the manufacturing process.


Technical lead on an enterprise web application to collect admission and daily census information from more than 90 nursing facilities. Designed processes to collect and merge data into back-office accounting and billing systems. Created a centralized data repository to manage reporting from disparate data sources.


Full-Stack developer for a non-insurance health care provider. Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and adapt new technologies. Developed core libraries for other development teams to hook into to rapidly develop and deploy microservices. Designed UI tooling around supporting Identiy Services using Node.js and React.js.

Lead developer on a project to consolidate multiple back-office applications into a single web application for a large insurance holding company with more than 200 retail stores nationwide . Interfaced with a comparative rater via web services and XML. Requirements included capturing and persisting customer information, generating quotes from multiple carriers, dynamically applying business rules for state and carrier specific pricing, and merging data into back-office systems via web services.


Tech lead on a project to re-engineer a Windows desktop Customer Information System (CIS) written in classic Visual Basic into a web application written in PHP running on Red Hat Linux. Developed custom integration points with PL/SQL to create, read, update, and delete data in Oracle.

Bradley University
Y - Computer Information Systems
Illinois Central College
N - Computer Information Systems


+1 855 268 9451


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Relevant Skills

React.js, Node.js, Flux, Babel, ES6, Webpack, Karma, Jasmine, Sinon.

C#, MVC, NancyFX, Xamarin, .Net Core.

Python, Django, Flask. Git, vi/vim, nginx, ssh.

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL.

Microservices, RabbitMQ.

TDD, CI, IoC/DI, Agile, SOLID.